Mindfulness Retreat

With mindfulness and vitality towards yourself and your inner compass

Life today is determined more and more by internal and external stressors that are also always present. Many people have a deep longing for something that they carry with them, but this is perhaps lost.

This retreat can be the beginning of the most impressive trip of a lifetime. The practice of mindfulness achieves several goals in quite a short time: more serenity and stress resistance, a strengthened immune system and improved social relations are just a few examples.

Confidence and Self Compassion
Mindfulness also strengthens the connection to self, allowing deeper insights into their own thoughts and feelings. You get to know and understand yourself much better. This raises a deep self-confidence. This intensive contact with itself also forms a solid foundation for genuine self compassion - the most important skill to other people to give unconditional love and compassion.

Dealing with emotions
Mindful people recognize negative emotions much earlier and can consciously decide how to deal with the emotion. This is freed from many constraints and leads to real freedom of choice. This ability of self-regulation is a core competence of emotional intelligence. She has a huge positive impact on all forms of personal relationships in life.


Confidence and inner balance
People with self compassion and a healthy self-confidence experience a good relationship with their inner compass enjoy a sustainable sense of inner balance. Especially the self-confidence gives them the confidence to be able to master the small and big challenges in life. This optimism is an important pillar of resilience, so the psychological resilience of the soul.

The 4-day retreat paves the first steps on the way to greater life satisfaction, better health and true happiness in life. You also learn how to continue at home independently on your journey. Practical exercises and craftsmanship from the wilderness pedagogy provide an option for light exercise and flow experiences in the mind to relax completely.

Very much what one experiences during these four days, you just have to experience:

"In some things, experience is the only language and some experience, just does not translate into words.

(Tom Brown Jr.)

Mindfulness leads to inner strenght and clarity
Mindfulness leads to inner strenght and clarity
Time for vitality and new energy
Time for vitality and new energy
Mindful walks in beautiful nature
Mindful walks in beautiful nature

Seesions of the Mindfulness Retreat

All daily rates are offered as optional. Participation is not mandatory and does not constitute a prerequisite for participation in the following days.

Day 1


  • Personal Positioning
  • Escaping the rat race - from doing into being
  • Discover the personal Talent Shield


  • Defocusing: expanding consciousness
  • Introduction to Mindfulness Practice


  • Cyclical thinking in the rhythm of life of indigenous peoples and nature

Day 2 + 3

  • Guided mindfulness meditations
  • Mindfulness Based Compassionate Living (MBCL)
  • Difficult Situations: Dealing with cues in everyday life
  • The art of journaling


  • Mindful walking and hiking in the vicinity
  • Introduction to mind meditating in nature
  • Mobile Seat: Meditation to go
  • Art craft: to connect more deeply with the practice of carving with nature and themselves

Evenings of meditation

  • Personal blockages with the meditation of the Sacred Silence
  • Metta Meditation: Expanding the compassion to other people and resolve conflicts

Day 4

  • Integrate mindfulness into daily life
  • mPod: Mini meditations on the go
  • Happiness Sharing: spread happiness in everyday life

Mindfulness Retreat in 5 Star Wellness & Spa Hotel in Austria (German only)

Übernachtung im Posthotel Achenkirch - Resort und Spa

Teilnehmer des Retreats können Ihre Übernachtung incl. Wohlfühlpension zu Sonderkonditionen direkt beim Posthotel Achenkirch buchen. Bitte beziehen Sie sich dabei auf den Retreat von Peak Potentials.