Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence Training

Building trust and Solidarity by Leading with inner clarity

In times of change people make the difference

In a complex economy, which revolves faster than ever (VUCA) in which strategies are becoming more similar and a technological transformation wave follows the next, people will make the difference more than ever before. The aim of this course is clearly set on development of emotional intelligence by training of self-awareness and self-regulation. Only the reflected leader has comprehensive perception and inner clarity.  And only those with a clear insight and the ability of self-leadership can lead a team in times of uncertainty and complexity.

Mindfulness through Attention Training

This emotional intelligence training translates traditional contemplative traditions in a language which is also understood by pragmatic or technically minded people. The effect of mindfulness has been repeatedly confirmed in studies of modern neuroscience. Everyone has the ability to develop and improve their well-being. In times of overstimulation a very important skill increasingly gets under the dogs: the concentrated and constant attention – e.g. the ability to analyze a fact with focused concentration and to penetrate it deeply. Neuroscientists identify in studies that the media overload and multitasking is having an impact in the structures of our brains. These changes lead to huge productivity -and creativity losses. The training of concentrated attention is an essential part of the training of mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

Sustained effect by Blended Learning & Coaching Program

We have developed an 8 week program that you can use anywhere in the world after the course. Every week creates a new focus and all weeks build on each other. Once a week you can also share your experiences and questions via Skype with a professional coach of our team.




  • Insight into the neuroscience of emotion, perception and behavioral change
  • Definition of emotional intelligence and the personal and professional advantages
  • Attention training to improve emotional intelligence incl. Self-Awareness and Self-Regulation
  • Deepen the connection with yourself and others
  • Policies and procedures for building healthy mental habits that enhance the well-being
  • Mindfulness practices that support happiness and general well-being


All exercises include attention
training, write reflections and group discussions


Regardless of whether you attend for personal or professional interest; you can expect the following results:


  • Improving mental health and clarity
  • Development of more agile and adaptable ways of thinking
  • Strengthening of the personality
  • More Self - Awareness
  • More transparent and more trusting leadership
  • Development of natural authority and charisma
  • Better understanding of the customer
  • Sovereign dealing with difficult customers
  • Reduction of stress reactions
  • Increased capacity
  • Better access to creativity
  • Improved regulation of emotions
  • Better handling of crises
  • See the world and yourself with kinder eyes


Target Group
Employees, junior and senior managers, team leaders, project managers, individuals with curiosity


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