Mindfulness Based Resilience Training

Mindfulness based Resilience Training for a healthy self leadership,  good stress regulation and inner strenght

Resilienz und Achtsamkeit 8 Wochen Kurs

This 2-day workshop is aimed at professionals and managers who are often under high pressure and in an environment of uncertainty and high change dynamics. With the practice of mindfulness, it is possible to lead calmly, orderly and clearly, and others, even under stress and pressure. The own leadership behavior can be reflected by a controlled and consciously practiced pausing. With an improved awareness of one's own thoughts and feelings, it is more often possible to recognize ascending emotions and impulses early on and to consciously regulate them. Specialists and executives thus create the emotional framework conditions in order to keep themselves and employees well even in stormy times. These protective factors are a central component of a well-established personality and thus of resilience. The other protective factors of resilience improve the internal stability and mental strength. In the second part of the workshop, the severity of these factors will be analyzed individually and methods will be presented to further strengthen and develop these factors.

Training Content

  • Development of self awareness and training of emotional intelligence
  • Effective regulation of own emotions and impulses for more leadership success
  • Reduce stress reactions for more composure in the job
  • Mindfulness as the basis for agile thinking and transformational leadership
  • Personal analysis of resilience factors acceptance, relationship quality, solution orientation, optimism, target focus and purpose
  • Methods of personal development and deepening resilience factors in the profession

Optional 8 week follow up live online training for a perfect transfer (based on Kirckpatrick)

Each participant has the opportunity to deepen the acquired knowledge in an eight-week follow-up program. In doing so, we ensure that knowledge is transformed into competence and a long-established behavioral change.

This workshop can only be booked as an inhouse event.


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